1 So there’s a breakup. A huge one. The whole world knows it, and it cannot be in secret. Continents and the stocks shook as Britain decided to leave the European Union. If you’re wondering if one small change won’t affect your distant, Southeast Asian world, think again.

2 Sometimes you just had to be, you know, patient, just because there are people who will poke and nudge like little kids holding the tassel of your apron, wanting to gain attention. Give it to them. Give it to them nicely. Then go along your way like the nice person you are.

3 I woke up at the sound of our kapitbahay having a discourse over which I have no plans to eavesdrop but did because they were like so close against the wall of my room. Not fun. This is one of those moments you’d want to plug an earphone on and listen to some random podcast because a live, personal one is happening next door. No, I am not interested.

4 On my wall are strips of paper containing my notes for Saltfolk (yes, I just mentioned the title of what I’m writing about) to keep me on track. Chapter 12 has been left hanging, and I was not convinced, as of yet, whether I should include Audrey’s backstory or not. I chose not. All of them have their own interesting backgrounds, but I should stay focused on what needs to be said: the substitution, and the retribution. I am expecting a nice round of brainstorming, probably next week.

Anyhow, here is how my week went. In tweets, as usual!

Expect a downpour of less-than-140 character posts



We all need a little NBA in our lives. Especially if it’s the championship!

Also, I have replaced my curtains and unleashed my disappointing interior decorating tastes!


It’s my brother’s birthday!

I also unleashed some kind of hell after being slighted but I deleted it because, you know, even if I want to stay genuine and leave my words out there, another person would be compromised and we don’t want that. Also: there are times when fun, nicely-put comments doesn’t help. Especially if those were 1.) not meant to guide you into perspective and 2.) poke at you just a little bit more kasi masaya.

This was the time I treated the family to a pizza dinner and guess what? I’m penniless.

I did have my redemption, though.



Anyways, here is my ship. Frankly, if they’re not together, I don’t know what to do anymore. Sayaka x Saito is PERFECT


It’s never too late and it’s never too much, I tell you!


Paid my dues, stocked on my food and stuff, and here is the result:

A message to the young people who are against the decision of their elders:

It’s OOR’s Tomoya’s birthday, and I made a thread about him because he’s such a nice human being.