My week was filled with random tweets about Jupiter, existing, surviving, and the writer of Living Dolls which has long been a playlist favorite. Some work has been done in our backyard: a mushroom house, cut halfway because of the untimely rain. What we’ve got back there is an open roofing and um, an uncemented ground. It’s still raining, and the weather is calling for a cuddle, but of course, we should all leave our stuffed toys behind and get back to real life.

World events make me poetic, which is quite a deviation from my usual random little blurbs, and it is the time when I feel I exist, because when words touch and reach out, that’s when they matter. I hope the words I write matter. Because we all do.

On book writing: I am starting to learn things about my heroes right now. Especially my heroine, who’s the center of the story. While I plan to finish this manuscript this year, I highly doubt that, not because I’m lazy, but because there’s just so much exploration to do to let their characters come across. I don’t want them to be one-dimensional people. I’d like them to be so real in the head, that they’ll become so real in the heart.

Now, how about my tweets?


There’s a part in my story that the living space becomes painted, leaving the heroine’s room untouched (because, reasons). And this came very funny when my parents decided to repaint our house. I. Am. So. Excited.

Also, looking forward to my own home. Okay, not in literal sense, but when he does come, of course, we’ll have a house.


Sound off Super Mario tune

I wasn’t expecting the scheduled system update. It threw me away this morning, but nothing I couldn’t catch up on.



Dear Toru, I have questions.

I just want to tell you that MY MOM IS QUEEN.


Forgive. Forgive. Forgive.

New look, look!


The struggle of cuddle weather.

I want to tell you: