I have just finished my two month’s worth of laundry this morning. Two months. That happen, because I am basically a chair that grew a human, and a change of clothing per day is not my idea of living. I also stay in a room where it’s cold and airy and quiet, where I hardly perspire. Yes, I am that shabby looking girl in her pajamas at work and her sweats in sleep. Do I need more explaining?

A treat to myself right after that yesternight-till-early-morn chore is a bowl of strawberries dipped in honey for brunch. I love strawberries, and since I’m cutting off refined sugar from my life, honey is a lovely alternative! It’s healthy too. My cousin, who now lives in Barcelona, is promoting healthy eating; if you live somewhere near, (she also has a home in Amsterdam), visit her: Dessert Barcelona. Her IG is filled with home-cooked meals and treats that’s good for your tongue and tummy.

Meanwhile, this week in a few: my dad went to Baguio for a convocation, my uncle’s been sent to the hospital and life has surrounded me with so many beautiful people to stay for the short or long run. I’ve had the most fun projects in a span of two weeks, and I am so grateful for being led to them. I hope we work again in the future!

There’s a bad bug in my Windows 10 laptop: disk usage peaks at 100% because of who-knows-what. I tried to switch to customized settings, hoping it will help, but nada. I hope I find the resolution to this soon because I ain’t got money to buy a new laptop in the near future.

Long intro? On with the tweets!


Excuse me, but I made this long rant about a man working in our house because looking from here, it’s just odd and queasy.

My other long rant is borne out of the fact that tomorrow’s a Tuesday, and the 19th. OOR Manila Day!



Eating them today! My dad traveled to Baguio and we asked him to bring home three specific things: asparagus, alfajor, and a box of


Also, a bit proud of the somewhat-capable translator in me:



Literally pestered my friend one early morning when I saw Toru posted they were at Jacksonville. It was a petty conversation until something happened that made me realize God wanted me to be with her in that moment. God is the God of perfect timing, with Toru as bait.



The curious case when my navy midi dress arrived (also, my mom’s cultured pearl necklace).



My current identity