It’s been a week of little steps in becoming the bigger person; most specifically, being a proper adult, and so far, I’ve owned it nicely. God’s hand worked through my schedules the entire week, and He arranged the best day for each errand, the best people, and perhaps the important of all, the nicest weather, for by before the weekend tips in, the rainclouds trespassed our territories, leaving our roads in a badly, muddy state. And for folks like me who hated to get their feet wet, going out in the rain is not preferred.

The door of this little venture isn’t closed yet, because I’ve got a few papers to amend. I’m crossing my fingers for the soonest, possible time, but who am I to dictate when there’s already a God who took charge of my planner? So here I am, tamed and turned about, with little money in my pocket and some hopes that I get bigger deals along the way. Anyone needs a copywriter?

On Saturday, I trudged along the stretch of a road I used to take way back in high school in looking for a proper printer. Didn’t found one, but I did managed to step into this small pastry house where I got my fill of an old favorite treat I used to eat when I was a kid. My life is all about nostalgia. Went home with nothing but ledgers and a new book, the latter coming in handy for Sunday’s special lesson.

B is for Bible, obviously, in my little Sunday School Alphabet series where the kids and I hang out under the tent outside the little shack of a church in our ministry site. The last time was a success, and I have 24 more letters in my sleeves to keep the children of NV9 busy during Sunday. We were more than the usual. What’s also there, was a lot of rain.

Yep. It poured on us just as when we finished our lesson. Kids carrying little umbrellas hopped that one meter roofless part between the tent and the church. My dad was still speaking and cannot be stopped, although he did went by the door to tell us to come in or else we’ll all get cold and wet. One new kid, a 16-year old named Jaymar, helped us out in getting the wooden benches back inside the church. I heard a lot of good things about this kid and I hope to see him again next Sunday.

Did I tell you that one of the kids caught a giant house spider and waved it on us? Seriously. I was on the verge of running away if the little girls were not scuffling behind my back for protection. They have no idea how I was so afraid of these many-legged critters too!

Anyways, there’s a hole in the roof and it was exactly where my precious keyboard was perched. I mean *rolls eyes* ugh. Can’t complain. These folks do whatever they can with their means. It’s a good thing Benny still plays despite being thoroughly drenched. And I wasn’t electrocuted or something.

Here’s a little song we sang to cheer you all:

I’m proud of my new little kids. I have high hopes for them. Life won’t be kind, but I hope they will wade through the lights and shadows nicely. There are many times I wanted to drop this and run, but come Sunday, I put my armor back and face each stressful struggles head on. Because, when I get back to this post many years in the future, I’d say I have no regrets. I have become a sower of seeds. I have touched lives. And that’s what’s important.

Because I have to tell you: those kids touched my life too. In many, beautiful ways.