Sometimes, you just got to show up even if you don’t feel like it. There’s a word that has to be kept. It doesn’t matter whether you sit in the corner of the crowded room, companionless, or in the middle of the spotlight, sticking out like a sore thumb with human magpies scattered around your every angle. It doesn’t matter. When you show up, everything changes. Wordlessly, your courage level raises up a notch. You become better. Stronger. More forgiving. Ready to sacrifice. You might have taken the time off to do your laundry, bathe your dogs, write a document, visit the dentist or return a call. When something matters, show up. And that’s enough.


Heartbreaking.  When a tragedy happens in your country, you don’t laugh at who’s in charge and rub their faces of what they lack. You don’t make puns when someone wields a weapon. Death comes with a large sickle. It arrives without warning and doesn’t knock on doors. That’s one of its rules. Death is serious and cold and merciless and grim. It doesn’t have the heart to share a joke. And, contrary to what we know, Death doesn’t laugh. It quietly takes a life in the middle of a bloodshed, doing its chore in a sweep like a burdened worker, and leaves. Death is not satire. Otherwise, with the number of people collected in its oblivion, Death could have made it to a comedy bar giving endless wisecracks.


Faith tells you that you have everything and you have nothing. It’s an irony. It’s the vision of the approaching hour. Like a dream, it opens your hearts into many possibilities as you wade through the desert. Like a song, it makes your soul leap at the sensation of light as you make your way through a long, dark tunnel. Faith tells you everything’s alright when you feel it is not. Some people call it a lie. I call it what lies ahead. After all, Faith is not what you see. Faith is the belief that we are all inside a giant galaxy, surrounded by millions of stars, a vacuum of night, and a league of heavenly bodies, all being spun by an Unseen Hand, making things right, just not today. Maybe someday. Maybe someday soon.

Stories in Many Parts is a collection of small epiphanies unearthed in the most mundane, curiously mysterious corners of the author’s life.