For some unforeseen reason, today was an unplanned visit back to my home church. It welcomed me with a big, giant warm hug and a bright smile. You know, you feel you weren’t exactly a stranger when your family’s eyes lit up and say, “You’re heeere!” accompanied by an embrace. I got a lot of these this morning. Packing on these bits of joys till the next time we meet again. I know it’ll be a long time.

My brother and I came rather early, just enough to see the elderly group form their prayer session and the band perform a pre-drill before the actual P&W. I’ve been warned beforehand that there are new faces since the merging of Calero, and I’m glad our folks from the little corner of the town commit to attending in this spiffy, air-conditioned space, not feeling a bit different from the original congregation. I settled somewhere at the back, where I’d be close to my safe haven a.k.a. the Sound Booth, where we have our own private space, but since I’m no longer an Authorized Personnel, I couldn’t just step inside.

The service was the same as before when I left it, and frankly, the loose ends before were still the looose ends now. If there was something new today, it was when I heard the pastor’s wife sing. She had a really rad voice! Wasn’t able to greet her, though, but I did managed to make a handshake with Pastor Coronel and tell him I’m my father’s daughter. He had a hard time recognizing me. Then he asked me if I’m staying for the better.
I might have forgotten a few names (well I remember them back after a lot of thinking), especially with the now grown-up kids looking like young lads and ladies in their own style. Midway the sermon (sorry, Ate Ems!), I went down to sneak into the Sunday School rooms. All the kids greeted me with bright faces. And thus, this conversation.

Me: Naaalala nyo pa ba ako?
All the kids nodded.
Me: Alam nyo ba yung pangalan ko?
All the kids shook their heads
ANG SAKIT BESH. I was like, a pillar of the TempleKids /charot.

Well, putting that little detail aside, I was able to:

  • Hug Abijah and he is such a munchkin please
  • Step into the SoundBooth again because I am such a delinquent, and nobody would say no anyway
  • Get my own tithe envelope, with fully updated months and even a pen on it! Finance, you’re raising the bar high!
  • Meet some of my beloved TK girls and hug them for long. My heart. These girls are growing up so fast and I could not be any more prouder. They’re blooming so beautifully!

I wasn’t able to greet ate May, for she was so caught up with her Sunday School session that she wasn’t even able to get back to Worship and play the piano for the final song. Some of the programs changed, like a required cell group after the program, taking the main sermon as the highlight piece for discussion. I get to lounge on the altar with the rest of the P&W band and play with little Abi. Then, my brother and I headed home.

Probably the nicest fact of the day: na-aircon-an din ako, finally, ng AUMC.

You know, one thing I realized is this. People may not always know your name. But when their faces light up and smile like they have this secret connection with you even if they don’t know what, you just know: that, in your moments with them, you did them good. And that’s something worth remembering.

Thanks for the love, folks. See you when I do. x

PS: You know something’s wrong when Kiko is starting to countdown his years before MYAF. YES DON’T RUB IT IN MY FACE I AM THAT OLD.

Susko my kids.