If there’s any outtake for this week, it’s finding myself after rediscovering the world around me. What is my position. What is my purpose. And what I can do about it. Come Monday, I was a bit disappointed that a previous client has not contacted me again. Such is the life of a freelancer. On Tuesday, some BS dropped down that stunned the entire country, and I was appalled at the insensitivity of *some* people towards history. Wednesday wasn’t so fine either; I saw my friends bite their fingernails as we watched and waited for the results of the US Elections. It all came out as a surprise. Don’t ask about Thursday and Friday.

But it’s not all bad, I guess? Good things come at the latter part of the roll. I get to stress shop (and had my new white chunky sandals with me now). I also found, after many moments of revision, the right voice for writing Chapter 8. It was that hard.

Let’s go to the tweets, shall we?


Okay, so it was only now that I realized I’ve always *wanted* to stress shop, but couldn’t.

Oh, and some good news! Congratulations on your wedding, Dina.



Nahihiya naman ako sa mga lumaban para sa kalayaan natin.

On another note:


Please don’t make me describe why I made this tweet:



The day after.

But here’s an outtake:


Also known as “Looking at the November 11 Sales”