We’ve been played. The moon was not super. The Leonids meteor shower came on a cloudy night. And there was a hide-and-seek surprise political chess move that stunned us all, and I’m still shaking my head about it. Beliefs wavered. There were pointing fingers. If there’s one thing I should be glad about the past few days, it’s getting my latest online Christmas shopping haul and finishing Chapter 10 which, to me, at this point for it might change in the future, is pretty lit.

November is pretty consistent. Well, I get to wake up to nice things this Saturday. It rained. I also got an email that made me smile. As for the rest of the week,here is what happened:



Did a crazy thing on a Monday; after all, it sets the mood for the whole week, and I wanted it to be at the least, exciting. I don’t know if I got it yet, but I’m hoping for the best, ready for the worst :)


Miracles, Part 1:

And also,

I’m not that lit to go to the Coldplay PH concert (compared to OOR’s, tbh), but if there’s any little chance I could, I would.


Yehey! I spent all my November money! /not happy/

I could live like this forever.


When there’s a scene that just caught you unaware…


Here is when the bad came back…

At least, I got my doggy cookie.

This week was all about getting parcels and wrapping things and writing new assignments and discovering new angles for a story. In short, it’s a week of new things. And despite the not-so-nice happenings around me that wrecked my heart a teeny, tiny bit, I still found some joys. Like watching BLACKPINK’s Weekly Idol. Or eating my favorite chips. When God says His grace is sufficient for me, it is. And I am held safe and steady.