No photos of the kids today. I got myself a handful of little troubles during the service that holding a camera in the middle of a little riot would be deemed unsafe. As usual, we had a few kids who cried, who bullied, hit and complained about their chair positions and why their seatmates were noisy. Believe me, I was puzzled at how I was able to survive the heat from the sound and the heat from the ground. I wasn’t expecting thirty or so kids to come like a tidal wave! It’s pretty funny that this morning, the entire church-shack was filled with lively, energetic kids after hearing the news: youths from their mother church are going to visit them. What do you know? Instant haul!

Okay, so here’s a bit of the kids’ report. I saw Tikboy, finally, after missing him last week. Trixie wore her slippers, thank goodness, and Wak-wak’s garter for his shorts had to be tied or else, it’s going to drop even before he moves. I saw many other kids too; Lovell and his sisters were there, and plus some of the kids who went MIA for the weirdest reasons. I’m glad to see them today. Although they left me exhausted.

In other news, Manny Pacquiao won! I think he’s the only boxer-senator-basketball-player (?) around, and that’s more than handling thirty or so hungry and angry little kids. Wow. Just wow. Props to him and to the Lord who allowed all these things to happen.

November Niceties

This week was a mix of this and that; a fast farewell to October as November steps in. I had a few fears especially this holiday season; being broke, to be specific. There are gifts to be bought and things to be thought, not to mention the items I’ve wanted for myself, like a new computer or a nice bag or savings for a studio. If there’s one thing to describe this period of my life, it’s putting money to the right places.

One thing I fear is my dad’s 60th birthday next year. 60 years isn’t a small feat. And I want us to celebrate it properly. I do have some money in the bank, if I may indulge to spend it, but I sorely wish to earn enough amount to give him a festive bash for him and his friends whom he hasn’t seen for a long time.

I’m quite unsure whether I’ll get enough money, but I know that God has my back, and His plans are the best.

I’ve been waiting for some clients to respond positively to me, but there is none as of yet, and that is what made my heart heavy. The feeling of uncertainty. That’s what I’m closing this week. A door of human reliance. Sure, it’ll be nice if they get back to me with good news, but I’m not going to stand by here and mope and do nothing. When God promises He’s got this, I should listen and trust him completely. I’m actually excited at what He’s planning to do next; after all, His miracles sprout from the most unlikely, and that is where I begin.