Today, I decided to take everything at face value. There’s a big anxiety shitstorm inside my head, but today,I left it off like a dirty garment. I also had a less-than-a-minute video clip from my girls abroad and that made my whole morning. A few seconds changes lives and moods, people, remember that.

So this morning, my family and I drove to the site packed with two rechargeable fans to keep the church a bit frosty. When we got there, Wakwak was already waiting outside the gate, and he was eager to have us walk out of the car so we could see he’s wearing shorts. HE’S WEARING SHORTS, MAN. That’s practically rare. And I’m betting it’s not even his (it keeps falling down and the poor kid keeps holding it up), but that doesn’t matter. Wakwak is trying to be a normal, fully dressed kid. That’s what matters.

Full Force in Small Measures

The two fans got to work, and so did we. We have an amazing batch of kids here. I don’t know what to feel about the non-attending bullying rowdy group, but I’m just happy that the youngins we have are great listeners and doers and are crazy excited to do some new things. Lovell is a gem. And so is Erica. I’m seeing a couple of hesitant kids, but I hope, later, they get to loosen up. Kids got to be kids.

I don’t know what’s up with today; maybe it’s because it’s the first Advent Sunday. Or maybe the weather’s just nice for an outdoor class. Whatever’s the case, we had a lot of fun. Abby started to assist me. I will always miss Jasmine, but here’s a girl who is ready to get herself involved with God’s work, and I’m fine with that. She went on her own, and I’m pretty sure her mom was proud of her. Our activity today has something to do with Advent candles, and I plan to have the kids’ artwork posted on the wall next Sunday.

Oh, did I mention that ate Lisa put up a gorgeous Christmas tree at church?

And lastly, Happy 115th Founding Anniversary, Atlag UMC! From yours truly, C.