I wasn’t going to write my Week in Tweets today, because I was entirely preoccupied by Chapter 14, which, by the way, is another one of those unexpected “is-this-really-it” surprise chapters in my book. But then, after walking the dog and doing laundry, I realized I could handle a few more words just as I could handle a few more work. So here I am, popping up this blog to tell you how my November-transition-to-December felt like.

It felt wonderful, to begin with.


I’ve been featured! Chelsea Triano (@chelseatriano_) of Dream on Youth wrote about me. What a Monday to wake up to.

Also: I am being sarcastic when I wrote this:


Dream of the century.

And going back to an old love.


Hah, yes!



Me and my December.

Oh, I’m not talking about his looks, by the way.


Story: I gathered my receipts for my taxes (yay adult life) and I was so surprised to realize how much God has provided for me this month. Also, that I kept on spending on things I thought were less costly but then they all accumulated into a big bulk of expense. Lesson learned? Be a good steward.

And I’m sure it’s coming. My 2016 has been a total rockstar.