Death and December are two words that should not be put together. It is heresy. December, the final stretch of the year, is when all things glow bright and beautiful, where children frolic under a mass of colorful lights, candy and gift wrappers. It is supposed to be light-hearted and whimsical and delightful, just as how every year should end. Death is not a part of its vocabulary. But then again, Death answers to no one.

This week, once more, I am reminded that life is fleeting. Everything we kow and loved will be altered as one flame gets snuffed out. It is a hostile and all-abinding truth. We are all under its spell and our time is ticking.


I did not know how much this will impact my whole week until it happened.

Chapter 16. It was crazy and I’d love for you all to read it.

Fresh from Korea! Just in time for Christmas.



Also, my dad gave me a hundred bucks++ for Christmas haha


A very confusing dream.

This is where it all happen.

A song for Aleppo


Like what I am doing now!

Matindi po ang pangangailangan ko, Santa.


An auntie died and the family went out early in the morning to join hands with our grieving kin in this sad, sad time of their life.

And then, somewhere where it was most unlikely, came a blessing. And it was God telling me, “I can bless you in the most unexpected season of your life, so you just hold on and keep on keeping on.”



But my website’s back after making manual alterations and I think my tech guts still work. Although really. Please don’t do it again, blog. No more frivolous plugins for you.