A series of miracles in the middle of messed-up things. It’s in those cracks where lights shine through. And I saw many glimmering rays of hope, radiantly illuminating me and the walls I have been–not literally speaking–and bringing forth a sweet little chorus of promises and providence.

The Present, and the Promise of His Presence

I have been lovingly gifted by a friend-client, and it was more than the miracle I needed. It was a message. God was clear at saying, “I could give you the best surprises at times you never even imagined.” And I hold on to that. With Him, all things are possible, even if they don’t look like it. I am now under the provision of The One Who Got It All.

A Foreboding Goodbye

My aunty died. It was a day or two after we visited Nana Baby, and we chanced upon Nana Hazel alone in a shared room for the family members of patients in the ICU. One woman, who seems rather rich and kind, smiled at me throughout the whole time as my parents and aunt exchanged stories. I smiled back.

We came, early morning, right after the news was received. We were there when Nana Baby’s remains were brought to one of the special halls of the church. Wina and Tita Hazel were out all morning, taking care of what needs to be attended to. Tita Susan was doing laundry, of all days.

At night, we got back to see them. It was the first night of Simbang Gabi. What a season. Nana Baby has been dealing with physical incapabilities for a long time, and this is a coming home for her. Of course, all of us are sad here. There weren’t many people in the first night, only family and friends, and Bambi and I had a chance for a small chatter. She was so shy. I was so shy because she was! I hope next time, I would be warmer.

A Couple of Dreams

Today, at church, I bore my thirty-year-old self deprived of good sleep.  Had a bad dream about getting stuck in an airport after drinking an unpaid Yakult bottled inside. I was sent to a holding room with a prim English lady asking me why I did it and gave my a test to check my mental health. Guess what. It was manga. Manga of all things.
This afternoon, I dreamed again. It was a plot-worthy little dream about a girl who can ‘dive’ into waves of consciousness, while alerting people, who are actually inside a dream, about a coming mayhem. She runs after this pair of evil villains as she escape one dream frame to another. I should be writing this! With this nice weather, all I really wanted was sleep.

Some Other Whatnots

  • I lost my blog this Saturday because of a plug-in, and I am determined not to use themes with such heavy add-ons from now on. I left the chat of the tech support, but he gave me a database backup. I didn’t know what to do with that though.
  • I am looking forward to opening another site: Caris Creates Things, and finally, the private, password-locked blog for Saltfolk’s beta readers.
  • While driving home, my mom revealed that my brother wants to study next year. So many new things in 2017. And as for me, I just want to press forward and wait for the next surprise from the Father’s loving hands. I hope it’s him. Can’t wait to make riot in the world with you. I hope you like watching OOR concerts with me, though.
  • I think I need to buy a new journal for next year.