Who would have thought that January would go by in a swooping? It wasn’t too long since we greeted each other our New Year’s wishes and whispered hopes and dreams so that the year would start and end well for all. I’ve lost count, but wasn’t it just a few days ago since I opened a fresh journal? And haven’t I been dilly-dallying about how to write this new version of my little manuscript (which, by the way, I am proud to say that I’m on Chapter 8)? Ah. Time flies. And when you’re past 30, it flies faster than you could say your name. Mine has 3 syllables.

And so, to sum up the whole month in case I look back and try to remember if something good happened in January 2017, here is my little report.

The nice things that happened:

  • I’m still part of the Storia crew!
  • And I started writing for a little anime blog too. You must know, I LOVE anime.
  • There’s updates on 1001 Knights and the books. Are. Going to be. Rad.
  • I’ve updated my Tumblr and turned it into my spilled-thoughts space.
  • This blog has a new theme!
  • Got my tax obligations settled as early as possible
  • Received my purchases. Ah, the post office guy will see more of me.
  • Booked a short out-of-town vacation for the family on my dad’s birthday
  • Slowly writing my way through Saltfolk‘s beta version. I’m planning to hire an editor (currently saving up for that) and a few illustrators to make the covers.
  • My journey in reading the Bible, by mouth, will end tonight in Revelation’s final chapter.

If there’s anything I want to be thankful for, it’s the fact that 2016 completely prepared me for my 2017. I am more aware of myself, and it shows socially and professionally. At work, I tend to be more human. I say encouraging things to my editors and clients as if they were my friends. And I want to keep doing that. The world out there sucks out all the joy and good and pure, and we have to shine a light.

Ministry-wise, I encouraged Abby to lead her own class — a handful of fun, bright nursery kids. Wak-wak won’t be joining my class, but this way, I can focus on the more solid part. I think I need to enforce this a bit more, since last week, Abby took over one class as she forgot to photocopy the art activity. Jasmine and Claudine are doing a great job of taking over as assistants.

Health-wise, I’m experiencing a curb because of all those holiday goodies I get to indulge in. Finance-wise, I try to cut my spending because I have something big to save up for. Relationship-wise, I promised myself to visit a particular friend falling into pits of depression soon. I also want to attend workshops and concerts and celebrations more.

Right now, January still has less than 8 hours to go. I’m trying to finish this chapter I’m in. And not to be distracted with all the happenings in my country, as well as the rest of the world. It’s been a pleasant month, overall; I’ve learned to take things one day at a time, and the sum of everything is always good. God is good. And this is what I’m taking with me in the next months of the year.

My last salute, and see you all on February.

x, C