I. The rules in the Bible can be summed up to two: 1.) Love God above all else and 2.) Love your neighbor as you love yourself. There is only one verb. Love. The Bible is all about loving.

And so, for cultures who founded their beliefs on this Strong Rock, if you are not loving, then you’re completely disobeying what the Lord commands. God is love. Actions resulted by fear are not works of love. That’s the time when you need to question what pillar, what foundation, what values are you following.

I will not say that I have completely extracted fear out of my organs, but I will say I am trying very hard. And I am hoping one day, I will set that shadow aside and be a light.

II. On Saturday, my blog had a complete revamp. And frankly, I have never felt so excited to write. My friend Mei from akizora.org asked me to help her with the header for Love for 10969 — which was intro’d with a sudden guitar-licking-Toru picture sometime in the middle of the week. Said yes. And while doing the overlay, I thought, why not go on and do some much-needed overhaul here?

It’s 2017, big things are coming, and I shouldn’t be stuck with last year’s design which is frankly, annoying bits out of me.

So here we are, in a lovely pink and pastel look with a fresh, spring feel, welcoming the birth of something new.

III. I have written new drafts for Saltfolk. And for the past two days, I’ve was relishing chapters 4, 5, and 6. I have never re-read my previous works before. My former drafts were all narratives — great lines, yes, but boring telling. This time, there is rhythm. There is a dance. I have hopes for this version and I am feeling the pressure of writing the next chapters with equal enthusiasm, because it will show.

IV. Work-wise, things didn’t happen as plan, but what is? Nothing will be as I imagined it.

Please don’t take that as a pessimistic remark, by the way. I am resigning all that there is to the Lord; whilst I keep on dreaming, He calls the shots. I don’t. And I can’t demand from Him either.

Now, let’s see what this new week has for us, shall we? x

PS: So much pressure from the 👁️ icon / reader counter from this layout, which, by the way, I bought half-the-price, like it was really meant for me. Please don’t judge me with the number of reads per post! I only like to ramble, not make head-counts.