God is faithful. He replaced my last year’s “Paano?” to “Ganito, anak” and I will never doubt His capability of breaking through any impossibility and turn it into a personal miracle. In honor of that victory, which took many months in the making, is this little post of smaller victories. Who knows, maybe one day, God may use these into stories worth telling too.

  1. I am now starting Saltfolk‘s 5th draft. Yes, you read it right. 5th. Just as when I was halfway through the 4th draft and I was getting a feeling that this may be it, another realization hits me and, without hesitation, I jumped to the challenge. I don’t think the previous draft was ugly and irreparable beyond compare, but I’d like to believe I’m gaining a mature author’s eyes that make me see the flaws and possibilities about my work. This time, I edited the plot, deleted unnecessary characters, and focused on my heroes’ journey. It’s coming. I’m going to finish it this year. Just you wait.
  2. Being too attached to something / someone is toxic. It’s important to always take a step back, always look at things objectively and always believe that you are the only thing you own. Not even your loved ones or your friends or your pet cat. It’s good to love; loving involves a sacrifice, but learn to give it to someone that can give back and help grow it. Confused? Start with God.
  3. This is the month when I obtained many while losing many. All I know is that God provided for me and His grace has been sufficient (despite me being reckless and all). Thank goodness I’ve got a Father who’s got my back. I’m looking forward to receiving my stress-shopped stuff, as well as news about an upcoming platform I’ve been working on. Hoping for the best, ready for the worst!

The weather is starting to be warm and summery despite the Amihan season. We’re lucky enough to catch the coldest days in Baguio, although we won’t be there to see Panagbenga Festival in action. I just finished 2 jars of Alfajor — a flaky, round pastry with sweet, caramel filling inside. It’ll be long until I get to taste it again.

Lastly: I can’t believe I’m 32 this year. How did I get to be here? Why don’t I feel old when I’m already old? HELP.

My dad and I had a nice little talk during the drive to the supermarket and I am thankful for these little things. Not everyone gets to talk to their dads like this. Some lose their fathers at an early age. Others are not really in good terms with their parents. My family is not perfect, most especially me; but whatever miracle God used to turn my life around and see the sunshine instead of the shadow, I’m thankful. And if there’s anything I want to do in this life, it’s to radiate this brimming, overflowing love my God and family blessed me with, and let it ripple over those who needs warmth.

Hope it ripples to you. x

PS: God, thank You for helping me tick off one of my goals for this year. Be the Same Guide in the rest of the coming years, and let’s make that dream come true.