Early morning, at the height of Baguio’s chilling climate of 11 °C, when we walked out of our hotel door with layers of clothing on (and me silently chiding myself for my broken pair of sneakers and limping foot), Burnham Park, which was right across our accommodation, welcomed us with a sunshiny smile made out of flowers. It’s the city’s famous Panagbenga Festival, and we were just in time to witness some of the outstanding events before it fully explodes, program and tourist wise. The park was covered with different arrangements of flowers, and this one is nothing you’d hold in a bouquet. Coincidentally, it’s also Valentine’s day, and we saw many couples, mostly men, lining up at the many flower stalls to buy their significant other some fresh nosegays to tickle their hearts. Well, for some bitter thought, I saw many flowers and none of them for me. But in the lighter side, who needs to hold on to something so beautiful yet withers away? For my future Valentine, please give me something that lasts my lifetime.

Okay, wait; this post is not about lovers (and my absence of it). It’s about the flowers. And I’m glad my handy-dandy companion lets me take pictures without the need of bringing my camera which would add bulk to my bag. As me and my family strolled down the street (after our morning devotion near the lake and buying strawberry “taho” and haggling for hats), we had the opportunity to take these wonderful pictures to take home with us. I call this “Mini Keukenhoff” because the experience was similar to our 2015 visit to the Garden of Europe, minus the tulips.

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