Consciously robbing a few minutes off my story-writing time to make this post which is the reason why I ditch last Sunday’s Weekend Closing. It’s saying goodbye to a month, folks, and it’s been a pleasure to go through 28 days with a bit of sting and an itch and a handful of victories to be proud of. So right now, with my sticky fingers typing on my chiclet typepad while recklessly dumping bits of chips into my mouth, let me share to you the small mountains I overcame:

  • We went to Ate Grace’s 50th birthday! 🎉 The program was so, so long and my parents were close to pulling me out because we had to go back since the next day is Sunday BUT we managed to wait it out until I have performed my role. We all ran to the car after that.
  • The 1001 Knights books are edited and are now in the printers (I think). I’m looking forward to seeing the physical prints!
  • For my Dad’s 60th birthday, and as an answer to his very small wish for a three-day getaway, we went to Baguio 🎁. And Baguio, I tell you, looked so darn good that I want to go back to it and probably live there. We also took the bus, which was awesome, because it feels so good to sit beside a complete stranger and having our lives intertwine with theirs even for just four hours.
  • I got my insurance paid and I’m earning my way for another year because I’m an adult.
  • Currently into another period of drafts for Saltfolk, after I chucked out the unnecessary, emotionally-sappy parts to focus on the story. I might be able to submit this for a critiquing contest.
  • Stress-shopped for a couple of times because 1.) I don’t know why, but I’m so excited about jackets because they’re cheaper this season and 2.) I broke my sneakers during our trip. Right now, I’m waiting for two parcels and I think I’m going to stop there.
  • Said goodbye to two editors I have become acquainted with at work. I’d miss working with them because they’ve been very kind and patient with my ideas and writing.

Today, I woke up with a handful of surprises

…in form of notifications. And most of them were undeserved, really, but I take each with grace and gratitude. I’m glad to be a ray of sunshine to people around me because joy is rare. But it’s so powerfully contagious, and once you spread it with love and hope and thoughts of Jesus, it goes back to you in the most profound way. I am so thankful to be living this way.

The only thing I knew of March, so far, is that it’s going to be literally hot. And we don’t like hot. But heck, I welcome back my summer dresses and short sleeves and days under the sun without a fan. I should have bought a hat instead.

If there’s something I need to remember, it’s to save up, because there are many things I’m meaning to have, and by having, to explore more of me in facets and possibilities I didn’t know. I’ve pinned a saying on my wall, “Let parts of you hunger so that parts of you will be filled.” I think I’m being urged to fast about something, and whatever that is, I hope to discover that, because I’m looking forward to the filling part, and the struggle will be so worth it.

Struggles are worth it. And I hope you step out of your caves and mountains realizing that the pain of the wait makes you braver, stronger and better.