So let me sum it up. This week, 2017’s first transition week, is when we say goodbye to January, dread February, watch Miss Universe, write a lot, slay schedules, and count loud heartbeats that made glomping sounds. Everything was altogether pleasant, even the little hiccups that made my anxieties alive and kicking. Life shouldn’t be perfect. It’s these tiny terribles that make it all worth living.

I hope you don’t find it weird that I made this post with an image of a plant that isn’t mine (it’s my mom’s). Sometime this week, new (actually, old but returning) dreams started to sprout, and I want to grow them as tenderly as I can. Writing Saltfolk has been a roller-coaster. In the first few days, I had my rhythm until I finally lost it and slowed down during mid-week. But I finished until Chapter 10, and I’d say I finished strong, because there’s this unforeseen opportunity for April — something I hardly expect to obtain, but still, I want to give it a try.

After all, I’m all about finishing this story and finishing strong. Strong enough to be read and enjoyed by the small number of people who waited for it.

On with the tweets:


I wish I knew why I wrote this. I sounded like I was having so much fun. Or sarcasm.

At this point, I think I was writing the heartbreaking “I’m so alone” chapter


This was a funny dream. A dream that involved a large park (which I often dreamed of) and my mom and I eating inside a foodcourt. And then came our former workers, each with their respective spouses, and well, some other sabit. There was a scooter, a large painting on the side of a building, and a lot of mud. Didn’t make sense to you? Me either.


I’m keeping track of my Stranger Dreams, which gets stranger by the week.

This is me while making my weekly grocery


Since this is my blog, and I doubt if anyone reads my blog, I’m just gonna say that 1.) Taka looked so cringe-y during his solo shots in American Girls (he looked like he didn’t want to do it) 2.) The MV looked like it was shot in what, Canada? 3.) I wished the producers have done better, because (despite its pop-ish sounds that go against OOR standards) the song was really fun


And the winner of Stranger Dreams for this week is:

Please don’t ask why my subconscious is funnier than me. I do not know why it made jokes like that.

Also: here is me trying to down myself.

But who knows? Maybe there comes a week when all the tables have been turned. By the grace of God. Who knows.