Temperatures surge in this land where there is no snow. I know, it’s far better than any of your winters, and “cold” to us is somewhere within 23°C. The sun has a habit of kissing our skin and staying there. We live with a lot of warmth all our lives.

Which is why I dread going up the mountains a bit, because it will be European Spring-ish; something within 13°C, ten measures below my tolerable cold. Well, it’s not until next week. And I have this week to mind first.

Here are my week in tweets, mostly made up of Stranger Dreams (which I must compile) and some !!! because this week has been !!! That was weird, right?


I’m having my 3-day writing vacation next week and it cannot be stopped.


God is arranging my schedule for me.

Also: today is the day when I got my Spring coat delivered and I gave it to my mom because it was one size bigger. And my much awaited email?

I love plaid things.


Glanced at my site and my Tumblr and I was surprised that, even though little in number, some beautiful human beans have been reading my work. Thank you for you. My heart is happy.


Some scary glitch happened while I was revising some of my posts on Storia. Thank you, PLDT, for the sucky internet connection.

Okay. So my cousin posted a screencap of his classmates talking shit about him on a GC. Not really something shocking these days. But when my uncle AND mom joined in the conversation (after his ex-classmate defended him), I held my breath. Because you know, grown-ups should not engage in things like these. I believe that if my cousin was bold to enough to post that for others to see (with some notes clearing his name), I think he’s also brave enough to defend himself too. I think parents should step in after they’ve discussed it with their children, and their children asks for help. Transparency, honesty and trust. Especially now that millennials are a tad different from the previous generation. But this kid, kudos.

With that, I hope we teach our children to be heroes, not as princes and princesses. If I ever got the chance to have one (or two), I hope to be a mom that fosters courage and boldness and wisdom and more than that, a solid knowledge of their identity in Christ. Because the world is changing fast, and it’s throwing mud at us.


I have never, in my wildest dreams, thought that my subconscious is a fine joker and writes perfect plotlines and makes amazing cinematography. WHY AREN’T U REAL

I hope your week has been rad. I’m still struggling with this relatively poor internet connection while preparing for my Dad’s 60th birthday lunch tomorrow. There are so many unsure but exciting things to look forward in the coming days, and I’ll take it little by little. Week by week. So should you.

PS: My dog ate corn! That’s what you call a corndog.