I love cold weathers but not the illnesses they bring. People all around me will be coughing and sneezing or staying in bed due to body ache. Unfortunately, today, the draft got to me. I woke up with a stinging throat and I know I’m on my way to potential flu if 1.) I keep snacking on the sweet leftovers from my dad’s birthday and 2.) I don’t drink medicine. Help me to survive both.

To report, I’ve got a handful of goods and bads this week. We just returned from Baguio after staying in what-could-have-been the coldest season, some 8 °C in the early morning where the family walks around Burnham Park as the sun rises. My legs stiffen and cold air exhausts from my mouth. It wasn’t all bad; everyone in Baguio were wrapped up in coats and jackets and it was a nice, fashionable bunch to walk around with. Our hotel, the quaint Hotel Veniz nestled just across the city square, gives us quick access to everything, and I’d like to thank the kind staff who accommodated us throughout our stay and made the place feel like home. They also have a lovely buffet breakfast.

One of the things I’ve learned to like: commuting. It’s like plane rides, but less expensive. The trip brought me back to Pampanga’s Dau terminal which was the one-stop hub for every trip across north. I think I can go back here and take another wanderlusting.

If there was one remarkably not-so-positive thing, it’s a favorite editor dropping a personal goodbye as she leaves the company. It made me feel a bit sad a little, until I realized (due to another email) that I might not be staying too. Well, it was fun while it lasted, and I’m so happy to be given this opportunity to write despite the things unbeknownst to me.

That took me long, didn’t it? Here we go, on to the tweets!


Posting this to let you know I broke my apricot-and-gold LeBunny Bleu shoes:

But despite that, I managed to enjoy the trip, thanks to Baguio’s shoe finds (yep, I bought a pair of new sneakers but they were a tad smaller than me and I realize they pinch after I bought them but heck SACRIFICES ARE SACRED)

Moral lesson:


Happy Non-Valentine’s to the 31-year-old me!

A Baguio must-eat:

My dad, in his wanting to score a find, had us walking around the night market which was just across the hotel. I love this place.


Left the hotel past 9 a.m. and got to the bus at 10. Victory Liner leaves on time and that morning, we were on our way down back home. Took us for to five hours to Dau terminal, then had to wait for about 30 minutes to have our FX filled. The guy in front of me watched Full Metal Alchemist episodes while the girl who sat next to me was watching a Lindsay Lohan movie.


Thankful that my period and all the sad things came a day late.

Also: due to my worn-out LBB’s left in the hotel, I bought for myself a new pair of white Golas.


What got into me and why did I write this?

From me to you.