Last night, I got to see the low-lying roads along the glimmering waves in Obando. It reminded me of a place where we’ve seen river-houses and open skies and laidback people walking along the highway. I think, if not for the floods, Obando would have been a beautiful location.

Less than 50 things

Yesterday, the car kept bouncing on the road when my dad drove so fast so we could get to Ate Grace’s surprise birthday party on time. We got lost twice; one should be credited to the lack of signage for an inner road detour. The second, well, we passed by a few meters from the venue, which was a small resort with a steep landing. There was no parking space; that means many people were already inside and the program was starting. It wasn’t. When we got to our seats, we found out that the celebrant was in the holding room and was still in tears, trying to recover from this high-tension shock her family gave her. It’s a nice kind of shock.

Because the organizers wrote off that me and my dad will be a part of 50 gestures, and because it’s dark and the roads are narrow and there’s a detour in one of the towns, my mom has been itching to go home ASAP because we’ve also got chores for tomorrow. Thank God we stayed late past 8, and right after I’ve done my roll, we ran off and went straight home. I’ve been meaning to get a response video for the Atlag UMC kids and their riot little tribute (girls and boys, I was cringing). Sorry too, kids.

  • Mei sent me an ad for Scholastic Asia x Barry Cuningham project which involves him reviewing and critiquing one lucky work. Sent me shivers.
  • Chapters 1 – 10 of Saltfolk has been written. Each averaging 4,000 words. I’m actually proud of this. And, if there’s any consolation for all of my efforts, my new drafts have rhythm in them. I’m starting of thinking one plotline for the heroine, and also expanding my viewpoint because she sounds so exhaustively clingy.
  • I have a funny secret today and I’m not telling you.
  • So far, I think, I’ve got our Baguio trip arranged. Looking forward to the 13th!
  • One of our editors had to leave. I wish her good luck.
  • It’s a January – February transition week. This means one thing: paying taxes!

Earlier, ate Lisa sat with me and relayed how she is so happy with the current congregation turnout. Our little mission site now has gold (well, yolk-colored) curtains, linoleum, and hearty & active members ready to share their testimonies. I’m proud of my parents. They’ve been amazing workers for God (with little pay and it didn’t matter anyway), and, while driving back home, we declared that this year, NV9’s 7th year, is the Year of Jubilee. All debts are paid. All slaves free. And this is the promise we claim for them.