I could not have chosen a better number. 69 in Japanese is 六九 which can be alternatively read as “ROCK,” according to someone’s terms, and to tell you the truth, the weekend banged me in a very cool way but it did not require skin intimacy with any other human specie. The first three days of the week, I was away from home, up there in the high mountains of Baguio, walking with the sweater-and-coat-covered folks who joined us in experiencing the unusual cold climate in the area. And the rest of the days I was in bed, celebrating my monthly period and cramps and self feeling sappy and helpless. The highs and lows took me quite far, and to be honest, I still don’t know what to write here, except that I’m writing and I’m letting the words take the lead.

Last night, in order to fire up my flickering writing mood which has begun to feel lazy, I started writing my story’s synopsis. Watching the final installment to the Hunger Games movie series helped me a lot, because that’s where the author finally glued everything together and helped made a perfect, inspirational and witty ending to the morbid adventures of Katniss and Peeta. Somehow, I was urged to look at my characters a bit more closely. How I’ve written off Elijah was still very vague, and my plot was completely all over the place, but I think another attempt would give me a clearer visual of the story I’ve been trying to achieve. I don’t know if I’d be continuing this series of drafts or start a new one, but if ever I go with the latter, I’m happy to say that it sounds better.

And right now, I’m all about jumping out of my comfort zones and meeting challenges. Maybe I should get ready for that new draft version?

One of my favorite Tumblr poets Ming D. Liu sent me a message this morning and boy, I could not be more elated. Other than I had my work complimented (despite its many flaws), she also asked if I could do something for her. This is when I realize I need that drawing tablet. I’m thinking a new iPad Pro in rose gold once I save enough, because I’m going to write and draw at the same time. That’s doing two of my favorite things. My life can not be more than fulfilled.

Something completely irrelevant: OOR’s bassist Ryota’s marriage to Avril Lavigne’s younger sister had us all freaked out. Because any OOR fan would know that OOR’s guitarist Toru had the biggest, longest crush on Avril Lavigne herself and has always said, in his younger days, that he’d marry her. PLOT TWIST: his bandmate marries her sister. What. Could. Be. More. Shocking. Also: the wedding happened so fast and in private and OOR’s frontman Taka recklessly dumped the information in the kick-off show of their Japanese tour. These boys know how to shock the community.

Making that relevant: you’ll never really know. Never. That’s what I have been reminding myself for the entire week ever since I broke my pricey pair of sneakers and wore a cheapskate substitute in Baguio. Life is all about surprises and it feels taunted when you’re trying to guess what it’s up to. My mantra has become “Hindi mo alam” in Tagalog, and I think that made my heart open up to any possibilities. Not just the ones I anticipate, but also those I dislike but probably would like anyway.

Because knowing me, I’m that person. I like the ones I hate the best. And God has His way of turning things, and me, around.

See you next week! x