Today’s the last day of March and I can still feel the tiny breaths of the cold Northern winds. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe outside is really scorching hot and I’m just really blessed to have plants and trees around my window. Maybe it’s because I’m this indoor person latched to her chair. Cool.

Well, just like last year’s tradition, I’m posting a monthly report of small victories, not so I can rub them on your face, but to always, always remind me to be thankful despite of the many not-so-good situations. To be honest, March is the driest month in my list, with so little writing projects in my emails that there’s a point I decided I’d be broke for 30 days. But I managed to save up what I had to save in February, and I thought this month was just perfect as a break from my work. But not from writing.

The month when things turned around

Writers have these moments of epiphanies, like when the universe finally speaks to them and tells them of which way to go with the story and this, in effect, will result to thousands of words abruptly deleted, a handful of characters disappearing from the plot, and so on. That’s what happened this month. I was writing one-third of my story when this sort of advent arrived. It was not welcome. It was a pain in the chest to think that these characters I’ve been nurturing for so long will just vanish. And when I examine it now, most of the characters I have were written from scratch. None of the original ones anymore.

But wait. I’m 3 chapters away from the end.

You see, when the advent comes, it just hits everything on the nail and flows right through. Okay, wait. I may be too soon in saying this, but I’m really glad. Because at this point, I’ve *masterfully* scrambled the episodes (they turned out nicely) and I wrote with such confidence as if I knew the story from my head. No more outlines. Well, just a few, just to keep the chapters running smoothly from one theme to another. And I’m pretty happy.

Saltfolk is NONE of what I first imagined it to be. None of the whimsical, magical, spectacular things, but what I have is a YA that is grounded and brooding and honest. And that’s what I want it to be. Less of the ribbons and laces and frills. Just the good, genuine stuff.

By April, I’ll finish this draft then revise it because frankly, I ran out of words to describe scenes.

March in a nutshell

(writes me who actually forgot what March was all about except writing her novel…)

  • Finance-wise: Did not spend money on anything unnecessary, so here’s kudos for me
  • Ministry-wise: I started Bible Study for the youth (but Abby and Rona keeps avoiding the next Sundays) and Tisoy can now write his name!
  • Personal-wise: I told my friend I was going to visit here which I did not because the writing rhythm is beautifully there and I can’t miss it, so maybe on April
  • Health-wise: I’m ditching cold choco + honey each morning in place of water, which is a better choice, because I feel my body is lighter. Shopped for more high-fiber food like oats and whole-grain pasta. I won’t have chiseled abs, but I’d like to feel less weighty with the stuff I eat (which is mostly sugar). Making healthier choices now.
  • Career-wise: Currently working with a lovely new client with a passion for nature + arts. Opening my doors for new people to collab / work with, because it’s such a joy to be useful and productive. Also, the $.
  • Self-care wise: I want to be physically and mentally fit to win whatever life throws at me. Fell down the rabbit hole of reading bad trash, but now I’m casting that aside in place of beautiful, true things, because I don’t need bad emotions now. Healthy food choices and body pampering helps a lot. Also: better song picks! I’m currently listening to moumoon and if my heroine was real, I’d like her to have Yuka’s voice.

What’s next?

I’ve got a pretty humble list.

  1. Finish Saltfolk! *TOP PRIORITY*
  2. It’s my mom’s birthday this month, and my dad’s throwing a bash for her
  3. Hopefully get a new pair of eyeglasses? I bought mine without noticing it has a very large frame and it keeps slipping down my face on a regular
  4. Also, get a haircut! My hair’s pretty short, but it’s summer, and I love having shorter hair because I’ve been sporting long for years
  5. Work on new, rad projects! Come on, life. I’m ready for you!

See you all on April! x