I don’t know how this week went. I’m actually surprise it went at all because frankly, I’m still doing the maths and calculating where / what / why / how and I’d always end up with zero. My push forward is a step backward. And then those not-so-significant were the ones that made a difference. And I was also surprised that the things I thought would come late and the things I thought would be early is still not coming. By the way, a client whom I corresponded way, way back enlisted me for content assistance and, I might be drawing for a poet’sĀ  book cover?

That’s not a bad week, was it?

Anyways, a life update in tweets / IG posts is coming your way.


Me this week:

And just so you’d know, IT HAD GOTTEN WORSE. Like worse-worse. The kind of worse that you have become so familiar with what you’re writing you’ve gone tired of it. THAT worse.


Anyways, I received an invitation for guest post for a rad blog’s 5th anniversary, and:

Seriously. I had to check with several sites just to make sure because that. Line. Is. Whack. Can’t wait to show you the piece guys. I hope they love it back.

Me when everyone else is having boyfriends:


First of all, I was honest with this. I can’t take any large scale illustration, although I’m gearing up my finances (sana may pag-asa this month) so I can buy a legit drawing tablet. Because I feel like I can do it: write and draw, doing my two loves at a time. And when an opportunity knocks,


My mom, all


Happy day, girl got paid!

We watched Logan. LOGAN. Laura is such a cutie. Everytime she appears on screen clawing heads off āš ļøļø I’m like, “Where is that aggression coming from?” Also, Logan as lolo Charles’ caregiver just melt my heart. Anything with kids and old people makes me cry and Logan made me cry. And with themes like caregiving and border-crossing and multi-cultural kids, this is the first time a film for mutants ever felt so human.

Also, I drew things?


Been feeling a lot like this lately: