I did it. I’m not telling you what I did, but I did it. Here’s what I’m telling you: I’m listening to moumoon and I’m getting mad nostalgic feels. I also ran out of words after finishing three good chapters this week. I am one step closer to my dream project, but not close enough, so I keep pushing and pushing until all those words flutter out into the world for all to see. Oh, wait. Haven’t I said I ran out of words?

Onto this week’s tweets:


Sleep paralysis, you’re not welcome here.

I see amazing human beings in the most common places.


This made me feel upset when I woke up.

More of my poems in this blog, though!



And today’s goal: get back to reading manga and watching comic hero dramas and singign competitions?


At least, in this dream, we had pizza. Well, I didn’t pala.


I ate that cake and I wasn’t happy. Di ko gets why they have triple chocolate flavors eh pwede namang may caramel na lang.

Also, nothing says “love” more than tears. And truthfulness.