For the first time after the longest time, I finally had the chance to start my youth Bible Study group. Abby and Rona needed some perking up, being girls in their fresh 18-years, with little hopes but to survive each day doing their own little things. I was really surprised that they had no desires, other than get a job them then get married and have kids in the future. But that’s not just what life is all about, isn’t it? Because inside each of us is something so striking and shining and it would be such a loss if we fail to listen to it.

I want them to dream.

I want them to dream big, because God has big dreams for all of us. I want them to wake up each morning with hope in their eyes and passion in their hearts that they’re going to do something good and great. I want them to not just stay where they are, in this tucked-away community which is their own little world, and discover there’s a bigger place out there, and there’s a place for them.

We’re still in the “stirring” stage, and I hope I impart something nice and brilliant in them. Something like confidence. Rona, I have always thought, was a smart kid (a bit lazy) and Abby isn’t that alert and suffers from depression. Whenever I ask them about how they see themselves in a couple of years’ time, they’d tell me they have a job or just helping out in the house. A part of me chides me for being so ambitious for them. A part of me tells me to go and let them see of better things.

Darn, I want to. So much.

Because who we are is so much than what we know or see. And I want them to know that maybe they think they’re useless and under-privileged, but that doesn’t mean they have to stop there. They have to break through walls. They have to know their identity is with Christ and that means overcoming limits. Ugh. It’s just really hard to get to them, but I hope I do. I pray I do.

On the other hand, the kids and I had so much fun in Sunday School today. We had a couple of games and the atmosphere was much better than when we were coloring. There were only 8 kids, but we had some word-scramble-games and skits and the variety was refreshing. Hope many kids will attend the next session.

Coming up this week:

  • I’ll be busy writing a lot of things this coming week for a personal project (the one I’ve been blabbing here endlessly about). I hope to finish it by the first half of the year, so I’m doing my best. ✍️
  • Oh, and I’m still waiting for that last parcel notice so I can drop by the post to pick up all in one go. Please come this week! 📮
  • Thankful that God has been enough for this month, and also the next, but I need to earn AND save for my dream home, so I hope I work on some nice projects soon! Please, God. Baka pwedeng makahabol this March.

As pastor & speaker Louie Giglio always says, I am “happy to be a door holder.” x


PS: Wrote this post in a dash with little common sense / editing mood so I’m sorry you had to suffer reading that but hey, thank you.