Just checking in to write a really quick post about what happened today. 1.) There weren’t many students in my class and 2.) It didn’t matter, because everyone who attended seem to have fun despite the many doubts that they won’t. Joyce, the young girl who trails after me, comes with her younger sister Ditas, who cried when I sat her properly on the bench (she’s probably scared she won’t get down). Lola Cely was cleaning the church when we got there and Tatay Martin greeted us with a hearty, “Good morning.” Tatay Abraham assisted us in arranging the pews.

Okay, back to Sunday School. I think the kids like the idea of being on their feet, so we had a re-enactment of The Good Samaritan, plus a word search activity afterwards. Ram, who wasn’t really good with letters or finding them, actually got a lot of points, and got more confident after a few boosts of “Good job!” The girls were bright and finished early. Tisoy comes in later and Ram helps him find a few words. Somehow, I hoped he’ll be inspired to read.

Achievement unlocked: Tisoy can now write his name

We had no Cell Group, because the only student who was present ran after her nephew. And It so happens that Tisoy was collecting used programmes with Ram, and then, since we had nothing to do afterwards, I told him to sit down and teach him how to write his name. We don’t know his real name (I don’t know if he doesn’t, too), and “Tisoy” was pretty easy to write, so we did. He got it the first time. And he grinned so wide when I told him he got it. Gave him a the paper we wrote on and a piece of crayon so he can practice on his own. Proud teacher moment!

A piece of crayon means nothing for an average kid, but for the children of NV9, it’s everything. And for Tisoy, I hope he wield it like a sword for his learning. I hope this is just the beginning. I hope he wants to write more and read more. Because if there’s anything I’d like to leave them with, it’s a passion for learning. The world is a big book. Nobody has ever read it completely except for the One who wrote it. They’ve still got many years ahead, and it’s going to be one heck of a journey.

I hope my hopes come true. They will forget me, but I hope they won’t forget the lessons I taught them.