Touchdown, April! This is pretty unexciting but the first thing I did was to finish yesterday’s laundry. I’m also on a lookout for my editors and clients who will probably prank me, and it will break my heart if I get notifications that “[name] sent you [a large amount]” to find that there’s none. Freelancer problems.

Anyways, as farewell to March, here is how my week went:


Maybe it’s because my mind knows I’m trying to keep note of every strange dream that it keeps on making more strange dreams?

Also, this is sick:

My feelings, exactly.


Second strange dream of the week. Not telling what it is. Hint: read the thread.

I know I get scared, but I also know that I’ll die fake thousand deaths before my actual death because of anxiety, so I choose not to be down with it.

Prodigal daughter thread:


Well, well, well. Someone has caught up…



Masakit siya sa dibdib, to be honest. [Google translate that]

Also, I realize by now that 4000 words is PREEEETTY LOOOONG

Claiming it.



In my head: if I pick up this phone to answer your call, you die

Last but not least:

Happy April, folks. I hope we all have a good one! x