It’s Holy Week, a.k.a. the hottest time of the year for me for vague reasons but I always think it so. Back in the days, I used to dislike it with much passion; there’s less to do and less to eat and people act gloomy as we all turn our heads back to the days when Christ gave Himself up at the cross. I think growing up gives a more insightful meaning to the Holy Week. Or perhaps, it’s time slowly changing our tradition, and it wasn’t how it was before.

As for me, my Holy Week was spent like almost my any other week: writing, eating, surviving my monthly cramps, etc. I got to play with Sophie, my niece who was incredibly shy, yesterday. I also watched Tangled’s animated follow-up. And probably a lot more movies.

Here’s how the rest of my week went:


Me at the point where I’m revising my story, developing Courageous & Meek, and working for money, because money matters.

In addition to above:


We all need emojis in our lives

Ladies and gents, my new writing project: Courageous & Meek


What she said.


I want to commend Kevin and Annie of 1001 Knights for holding strong and long in making this amazing dream project slowlycome true.


Seven Last Words this morning at NV9, then lunch with the rest of the family, because we’re feasting, not fasting.

I need to write this in my head ALL CAPS LOCK because seriously,

And that’s how my Holy Week went.