When it’s been a long time since you have heard the Holy Spirit nudging you to do His work, you can only feel proud. I heard it, loud and clear, yesterday, just a few hours before my parents lodge their car and head off to the ministry site. For a whole year, I have not attempted to be of any significant help to this wonderful couple in transforming the lives of these underprivileged people, and the reason was this: I want to write. I need to write. I have to get my life in order by working and doing the things I love, and looking after kids other than a Sunday was not a priority.

But I heard it. I heard it loud and clear. I was on my final three chapters of my draft, something which I wrestled the whole month of March, when the nudging came. It came softly, tenderly, asking me to go out of my doors and walk into the hot summer sun, just as what my parents have been doing for almost two years, and be of use for God’s work, for once.

And I did. Our schedules didn’t fit even the last minute, but that’s alright; I need not be cozy. I’ll just go and see what God wants me to see and go home straight to afterwards. I never knew that God will bless me that day, in a form of a little ember. A rekindling of this fire I thought I already lost because it has been out of use.

The kids sang their song today in the fullest yet. And they enjoyed it. John Leinz had his solo and we’re already gearing up for the songs for Palm Sunday. I didn’t get to see it, but after practice, the kids had fun snacking together, and I think that’s a beautiful bonding. Of course, I don’t expect this kind of result every weekend, but Lord, when You call me, I come. I come because You let me.

My heart is rejoicing because God started my April with a bang, although I’m a bit afraid new attachments is a sign for new heartbreaks (maybe my dad will be transferred to a church as a full-time pastor this June). But I think the only goal for now is to make the best out of our time with the kids. To teach them, inspire them, encourage them, and give them opportunities to enjoy life.

Speaking of kids, I got to see little Sophie who just came home from Holland with her parents, and she’s stressed with all the attention she’s having. We had a family gathering + house blessing for my uncle’s lovely new loft (congratulations!) and I got a nice little tour from my tita! I wish to have a house soon.

And the money to furnish it with…

Also a lot of things else that makes a house a home. BUT as for now, I must finish that novel. Can’t wait to share it with you guys! x