It’s so warm that my skin feels like melting into a big blob of goo. The earth feels like it has a fever. And wasn’t it just a day ago when I said the atmosphere doesn’t feel like summer (because I’m mostly indoors)? Boo ya.

This week, I finished a good draft of Saltfolk. I call it good because I finally had the plot and characters working altogether nicely, after more than year of writing and experimenting. It was such a wonderful journey. To finally write that epilogue, that one thing that makes this story worth it, was such a wonderful experience. Of course, that doesn’t mean I have to stop there. I still need to polish my story, mend my narration and tie together all the loopholes to make it more solid. I’m looking forward to release the beta this second, or third quarter at the least. Please wait for it!

I’m looking forward to having new projects (because, money), since last March, I concentrated so much on writing that I forgot about work. And then April comes with a new inspiration. Last night, the words Mighty and Meek were stuck in my head and I knew I had to do something about it. Remember, back in 2015, I have always been itching to create a writing community for devotionals. Somehow, I want this website to be a healing place for people / creatives / Christians with anxiety. Also, I want to invite young writers and give them a place to showcase their skills AND faith.

But the word mighty did not sit with me. Maybe because it’s not really an innate human virtue, but God’s. And so, I spent the day trying to find the word that matches with meek, an important Christian trait that reflects docility and gentleness. And, after a few hours of turning the thesaurus over, I finally found the perfect word: courageous.

For how many times have God told us to be “be of good courage“? And so, courageous and meek was born. Today, April 9, I bought the domain and settled all the social media accounts. THAT FAST. And I don’t think I’d be accepting any serious writing projects for the meantime, because I’ve got two big things to juggle. While I somehow worry about handling social media for my personal and this project’s accounts, I welcome the challenge. Add to that, my manuscript revision which started two days ago.

Looks like I’ll be stuck in my desk for a long time this summer! But it’s all worth it.

Guys! I just bought and nothing’s there yet (hey, it’s Day 1), but I think this deserves some cheer! 🎉 See you all when it opens!