I’m not always around people, so whenever I spot someone with an outstanding trait (or face), I remember him/her too well. Today, I think I just had that feeling of deja vu.

Awake at 2 a.m. Or maybe earlier. Maybe I really was awake since last night; I’m that type of person who doesn’t really sleep when there’s an activity coming up in a couple of hours. Our Easter Sunday Mass wasn’t really groundbreaking; we got lost on the way to the event hall, there weren’t many attendees, Church Clusters were separated by rows so I couldn’t sit with my favorite Atlag people. But the wind blew a nice little chill and we finished at 7 a.m. so we got a chance to drop by McDonald’s for breakfast.

Hit NV9 past 8, where there were members already waiting for us. The kids are probably in their Easter holidays, but I’m glad there’s KC and Ram and some little ones who’d color Easter eggs with me. We finished before 10 a.m. Got trapped on our way home due to the parade so we had to take a detour and take the downtown route. It’s sad that we didn’t get to see Nanay from the fruit stand today.

My body is feeling all tired and achy, but I guess my parents got the worse. I hope they get some rest.

Weekly victory: 700 likes for Courageous & Meek‘s Facebook Page! There’s nothing even there yet but I’m looking forward to writing something so personal and true with this online journal. The Twitter equivalent isn’t doing much, but that’s OK. I’m glad to improve my personal Twitter as I get to connect with authors and resources for my dream of becoming a novelist.

Novel update: Wrote off Chapters 5 and 6 which now stars Milo, a very important character that will help my heroine get through this new challenge in her life. I think this week, I’d be polishing those parts (I wrote them mindlessly because my brain ran out of words and flow) as I move on to the next chapters.

Also, a few random things:

  • I think I want to be like my dad when it comes to contentment?
  • Started my no more second-guessing motto
  • Planning on getting a new pair of glasses

My Holy Week, overall, has been pretty normal, except for a few events, which I absolutely love. I am hoping to find another outlet for my energy, because I shouldn’t just stay indoors, right? x

PS: There is beauty in waiting, but don’t let yourself get stale.