Okay, hold it right there. So today’s the last day of May? And I’m just, what, collecting my wits after they got scattered all throughout the month! Time flew by so fast and this month has been ridiculous, if not rad, but I enjoyed it. I lived through it. I’ve got a story to tell about it, and here is where it begins.

(Since I have already made a thousand-long post last Sunday, please allow me to cut this one into bite-sized pieces)

Let me tell you, there are small victories in between those posts, and I call them growth pains. We all have them, and I am happy to be breaking out of my kernels to spot one or two wires of leaves sprouting from my body. The things that matter always require a sacrifice. And I guess, writing hundreds and thousands of words are mine. Hopefully, those words reach you one day, when I grow into that large tree.

As for now, the only thing I’m anticipating for, is June. x