I love this week. I can’t actually put my finger on it, but I’m sure something good has happened. Maybe more. For one, I think I found my “gravity” while writing. Second, I met some of my favorite people. Third, my dad is appointed to a bigger church. A real church. He’s going to be a full time pastor. And yes, this would mean him living away for a time (it’s not that far anyway), but sacrifices are necessary for things that matter. And the church matters.

Surprisingly, I’ve written a lot of things this week which is not exclusive to my MS writing. A lot of things happened, including a siege in the southern part of my country, martial law, an earthquake. My Week in Tweets just got those covered up, so here’s what happened:


I want this book published so I could write this on my bio




I’m writing this down. Me and Miko had this undeserved chance to pray for a blessed couple / faith partners from Northeast District, and our fave uncle, so God could give them strength to take on this new journey.

Then, later that night, the attack on Marawi happened.


I did not sleep.

This night, my dad got appointed to San Isidro UMC, a centenarian church.

Also proud of my dad’s spiritual discernment. Reluctant Nehemiah si Pastora!


I think I could sleep all day if I can?

I HAD AN IDEA WHAT THE PLOT WAS but Carina was a gift for the feminists

And then, we were litterally #SHOOKT

Look, I have a poem about it too!



I should try to escape this as fast as I can