There are so many reasons why you should go to Paris; you might have done a list. Perhaps you’d like to take a jaunt to the illustrious tower of Eiffel, stroll at the gorgeous parade of high-end shops at Champs Elysees or indulge in an artistic tour at The Louvre. For the child in you, the most satisfying reason may be this: Disneyland Paris.

Located in the beautiful, rustic town in Marne-la-Vallée, Disneyland Paris is a 32-kilometer travel from the center of the City of Lights. If you come with children, there’s a good chance that your little company might be jumping for joy, tugging you to head straight to the theme park as soon as you land in Charles de Gaulle Airport. Take a deep breath; if you’re wondering how to get to your Disneyland dream (and before that, dropping your luggage to your hotel), here are the best routes:

Take the RER train

The Regional Express Network is a set of commuter trains swiveling around Paris. You can buy tickets through the vending machine Île de France, or go to the ticket counter. The latter is not an option if you arrived in the city late at night. Trains leave at 15-minute intervals from 5 a.m. till midnight.

Take Line A. It ends exactly at Marne-la-Vallée Station which is right next to the front gates of the Disney resort. Hold on to your luggage, dear heart; each day, this train is packed with families traveling straight from the airport to Disneyland, and you may want to keep your group close, and your possessions closer.

Take a bus

Charles de Gaulle Airport has terminals of RATP, the regional transport service, where RoissyBus coaches run from early morning to the mid-eve. You can purchase your ticket from a vending machine and get it validated when you board. Hot tip: you can even pay the driver if you’re rushing at the last minute.

Les Cars Air France that departs with a maximum of 30-minute intervals from the airport to the destination. You have the alternative to purchase your tickets online or at the Les Cars Air France Counter.

Take a taxi

When Paris transportation is too much for you to go DIY, take the easy, safest route: go straight to your destination via Taxi. T2 Traslados serves travelers with a private, low-cost taxi service straight from Charles de Gaulle, Orly & Beauvais airports to your favorite destination, such as Disneyland Paris. Other than that, they also offer city tours so you can visit other famous spectacles right after you land the City of Lights. Hot tip: the website offers a clear estimate of how much you’re going to pay. Make use of their reservation feature to know how much your private trip to Disneyland will cost.

Here you go, your three traveling options to get to your dream Disneyland destination. For the adventurer, the city transports offer a peek at how locals commute. But if you want something tailor-made to your preferences, reserve a taxi and travel at ease! x


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