So, it’s June 30th. The last day of the first half of the year. The time where we can actually measure goals if they’re going somewhere or nowhere or just where. The good news is, whichever point you are, you can always keep moving forward. Forward is the only way to go.

Yesterday, I bought my brother a cake. The last two days, I’ve been having a hard time sleeping. The last two weeks, my skin bore so many boils and rashes after this weird itching sensation that’s probably from my bed. There’s a cluster of red constellations on my skin.

Writing / Work

While I’m writing SF, I’m also writing a short story (that could probably turn into an MG novel), The Broken Constellation, inspired from — wait for it — Wakwak and Tisoy. Some of the parts were exaggerated; I’m saying this upfront that it’s not them but characters derived from them. I will come back to this just in case the story gets out and people wonders if their mom really had a lot of husbands.

I don’t know what happened to me in June, but I can sum it up as a “mild May,” where I made two revisions of my story (that’s right, folks; revising is taking ALL of my time). I have received my 5th rejection letter from the list of agents whom I sent my manuscript last #divpit. If there’s anything positive about this, she told me that the premise and the title were juicy. Now, I just need to perfect the narration.

At one part of this week, I wondered if I would ever had to pay US$2000 to a legit copyeditor, whose help is something I need, but the expense is too much since I’m paying for insurance. MIRACLE, PLEASE HAPPEN.

The Church Change

June is where our family moved from Northville 9 to San Isidro UMC. For the first time in my entire life, my parents have started video-calling each other because my dad, as the local administrative pastor, had to stay at Hagonoy for most days. I love the church and I love the bus trips we take each morning, but not the waiting. Me and my brother would snag some bites to eat along the way. If we’re lucky, we’ll catch an air-conditioned bus with a telly in it.

The 20-minuted drive to Purok 5, and back, was something easy to get acquainted to. But what’s not is being in the background. After years of leading kids, worship and assisting for Nurture, I never imagined how tedious it is to always be in the edge of my seat in wanting to make things right. Well, each church is a new beginning, so I just did what I could with what is given to me. For now, I think I can help out with the kids’ Sunday School.

The Upsides

  • I now write for a new luxury travel blog called The Vacationeur
  • After a quick stop for re-plotting my novel, I’m writing what I think is the 9th revision. Yes, it’s taking me long, but I am getting there, and if there’s one thing I realized: all the words I wrote before can be put to use. I actually think I have written enough to give me a solid plot
  • Epiphanies come after long nights of doubts. I had many of those nights
  • Dreamed a lot about my book! I wish these internal visions come true. Please make it, God!
  • Backed The Secret Loves of Geek Girls and I’m looking forward to it later this year
  • Finished all my adulting duties — yay!

I’m beginning to think that 2017 is a redux version of 2015 (my worst year EVER) but hey, I’m looking at the stars, not the dark clouds. And for every night there comes a morning, where God makes things anew. x

PS: Next half of 2017, let’s slay it. I’m bent on leveling my mountains NO MATTER WHAT.