Whoa, it’s June. We’re halfway through the year and I have a bad, sinking feeling in my gut that I’m not halfway through my WIP. But there are many things to be thankful about, like how the first days of the month got me back to my working feet. Hopefully, things level up nicely. May wasn’t very nice even if I tried to be. Nice, however, isn’t always a two-way thing.

So far, here’s what happened to my week:



Get your tissues, people. Here is one sappy writer’s story:


For some reason, I think high school terrorized me emotionally, because I always have this bad feeling when I dream about it. Ano ba nangyari noon?


Here’s a story of my dad climbing the attic through a small hole in the ceiling:

Still and ever:


Okay. On the first of June, about 3 AM, I heard strange sounds in my room. Plopping sounds. Skidding sounds. I woke up, didn’t see anything, then went back to sleep. And then, this:

As a result,



And also:

Thank you for reading My Week in Tweets, and for keeping up with this blog as I keep up with life. Just a reminder: dream less, do more. You’ll get there.