It has started to rain. The weather started to cool down as much as it heated up in the past few days, being it’s June, it’s officially summer, and everywhere in the world, except for the southern pacific, is having a grand sunshiny season. Not here. We’re bound to the rains.

If I had anything to describe this week about, it’s me having strange dreams and not being able to write them. Maybe I wasn’t supposed to write them. I feel sad not to, by the way.

On the other hand, this is how my week went:



I just watched Wonder Woman and my heart is flailing

Also: some poetry in Tagalog because


Revising is what really gets a writer

Potential story to expound:

My dad is legit


No matter what, BPI is still my favorite bank. These mishaps could happen, but the resiliency and amazing customer service the company showed from their many blows in the last couple of years is just amazing. Bangon ulit, BPI.



I wonder what kept me so much busy that I wasn’t able to tweet on a Thursday…


Perhaps its color as opposed to black and white (which was my mom’s nail polish in the dream)?

TOMOYA TOMATO GOT MARRIED when will my faves (oh, he’s also a fave!)