Magtatagalog ako. Sorry ha. Please give me the liberty to spew some words in my native tongue because they deserve it. I’m also internally exploding because I’m dumping all this sugar (root beer, a Honey Banana float and now this strawberry banana shake from DQ) inside my body after realizing today’s my period. Ready? Ready.

My parents slept in their parsonage for the FIRST TIME EVER (cue confetti, fireworks, anything that speaks of a milestone), so my brother and I had to wake up early, get in a bus and head towards the church in a lovely, offbeat road that leads to a humble little barrio with lots of landscaping spectacles. The view of fresh greens and blooming flowers is a nice thing to behold on a Sunday. Imagine me seeing those things every Sunday.

A bus finally heads our way after fifteen minutes and before us scooting to the other direction. We sat at the back. It was rad. Ang tangkad ko, mga bes (may hagdan kasi). And looking out that open window was truly a treat.

San Isidro UMC didn’t felt foreign. It’s like we were wired to go there and the directions were easy to remember. Pagdating namin doon, there were only two or three people. The church was not prepped. My Atlag UMC Worship Coordinator self went OCD. Yung bang impatient to get things done, to get things happening. Unfortunately, I’m not in the front lines now. Wala akong say. But the worship was worth the wait.

God spoke to me today about many things. For example:

Me, yesterday: God, please send me my Boaz

God, this morning: “Ako ang iyong Manunubos.”

See? Pak.

He also talked to me about trusting Him. He’s got this church. He’s got my parents. And it wasn’t a comfortable night for my mom and dad, but it is the first of many, and there will be night where there will be miracles as there will be nights with mountains. We’ll surpass them all.

Unang-una, I love the lolas who sat in front of us. I also love Jonalyn, who was the I.T., sound tech, worship leader, kids choir, all around ate. Somehow, she reminded me of someone I knew way back years ago. Ehem, ehem. Sobrang laki ng ngiti ko while watching her. I saw her buckle back on a song and but when she started on the worship, she dived in, no hesitation, sigaw agad. This girl had passion. I felt so blessed seeing a child like her here and know there’s a lot of potential in her.

Ang daming kabataan! Ang dami ding bata. They weren’t rugged and malambing as those in NV9 (kasi naman yung mga bata doon, curious sa mga dayo). But they felt so dear when I got to talk to them. Medyo maingat lang ako sa culture kasi bagong church. I can’t be at home or be in control here; not that I am bossy, I just had those wild ideas na pwedeng i-apply sa kanila yung ibang parts na ginagawa namin sa AUMC.

There was a car blessing, a lunch-out, a mid-noon visitation which got my mom so hot and tired sobrang naawa ako when they reached the parsonage. Both she and my dad bore it with smiling faces. Mainit, pero mas mainit yung passion na dumadaloy sa kanila.

I pray to have that very same passion. Yung kasing init ng weather natin at di kasing-bipolar.