Hello, SIUMC kids. If you ever manage to wander in this blog, I just want to let you know that from the first Sunday I saw you do what you do, I was blessed. Like knee-deep blessed. And I was so proud that you get to perform those tasks without any help from others; you were capable and brilliant and very practical for using whatever’s there. I do hope that God will give me an opportunity to be a channel of blessing, hopefully in intangible ways kasi wala naman akong datung, and share how Christ has been good to me too.

Just got home from a rainy afternoon, after my dad bought a pair of faux leather shoes in a supermarket so he’ll have something to use when it rains. My dad is a very prudent man, much more loving and compassionate, so San Isidro UMC, it is our honor to share the head of our house with you because we believe in our heart of hearts that this is a man of God.

I am excited to write all about you in the coming weeks. I look forward to see you, and us, grow together, closer to God.

The reason we went to the supermarket: to buy Fishda. Which it didn’t have. So we went to another supermarket with no parking space (it’s Sunday, the mall’s a bit cluttered with humans) but I managed to grab the last two bags on the shelf.

Earlier, my brother treated the family to a McDo breakfast which we ate inside the bus on the way to the church. It feels really weird now, to wake up early in the morning and leave the house with half-empty stomachs and take a 40-minute ride to another town. I think this new arrangement is a blessing. Other than we get to see lovely towns tucked inside the offbeat paths, I also enjoy the company of new faces in a new place. This is something I could get used to.

On Saturday, I had a weird conversation with an old classmate which started out from clothes and then ended up in pizza.

I also finished Chapters 1-5 this week. If I don’t keep forgetting that my heroine is only 17 years old, I might make another good round of writing next week. So help me, God.

There’s something I need to say about signs pointing to something but heck, let’s not jinx it.

See you all next week, lovely people. x