Ten years ago, I would never have thought of planning what to eat to breakfast, waking up early and waiting for a bus just to get to church. Ours was just a few blocks away; no big, we could get there in 5 minutes. Today, of course, is a different day. My brother and I had to wake up as early as 6 a.m., leave at 7, choose the best place to grab our hot cocoa and then wait a good 15 minutes for a bus to head straight to our destination. Oh the effort.

So here’s the thing: I blog about my Sundays. Sundays are where my door closes. Of course, Sundays are where the week actually starts, but it’s a weekend, that means it’s an end, and I just rambled. To sum that very vague statement up, my current Sundays, at least the three recent ones, were sort of weird.

We’d get to San Isidro UMC watching our dad speak to a handful of old people who kept up with the tradition of Bible Study. SIUMC is a traditional church. Every morning, he has to wait until he finally sighted the P&W members (or for today’s case, it was so late) before he ended the class. My brother and I walked in with a couple of breakfast meals from fast food because my dad is on a fast on Sunday mornings, and my mom is getting accustomed to cooking on her own kitchen.

Many days in a week, they live apart from their own home. We take guard.

Today, I started my first Sunday School with the kids. Same old thing, Fathers Day Cards they had to glue on and color. There’s Geoffrey, a kid with a back deficiency who always rides a bike inside the church. He’s normal, just not THAT normal. And at one point, him being grumpy was a hint of hurt at his inadequacy at things. I hope one day he realizes how beautiful and perfect he is in God’s eyes, and may he use his physical state to show love and care for other kids.

And then I met Raine, the hyper 4-year-old who was as cute as a button, and her sister Riane. And Ashley and Avril, the latter whom I asked if her birthday’s on April. And then there’s Airen and Ian and Brent and all the other kids I’ll be playing with in the coming Sundays. GOD HELP ME.

There’s so much, so, so much, that I wanted to tell them. About Praise & Worship. About going to church on time. About NOT leaving your drumsticks (and asking a bunch of people to find it for you). About really diving in the ministry because you obviously liked it. About commitment. About getting back on feet. About devotion. Everyone here is hungry for new things; for things that will make them grow and bloom bigger leaves and longer branches upwards to the heavens. And I’m pretty sure all the things I learned from AUMC are part of my arsenal to help them.
That’s what I am here for.

Here’s the thing: In my last years in the ministry in AUMC, I’ve been grumbling. We’ve reached a peak and not being there pains me. And then I realized something… If you got to your peak, you’re not meant to stay there. It means that I need to start on a whole new level and begin again.

And right now, we’re beginning again.

More Sunday morning bus rides, more tackling with the very makulit kids and more learning and growing with strangers we now call home.

Looking forward to miracles. x