The beginning is always scary. But for more than a year, I have always been starting things, and I honestly feel the fear slowly fade away into a deep, settled feeling of familiarity. So when I begun another revision again, this time my seventh, I found it strange that instead of crying and fretting, I was silently mathing it out in my head. Somehow, things are turning out nicely.

I had a dream this morning and I forgot what it is, but I am pretty sure it had the word “Prophesy” in it. There were three, I only knew one. There must be the word “Glorify” but the second word was really, really vague I had no idea what it is.

Some things don’t last forever. My rashes, whose appearance were still a mystery to me, started to die down THANK GOD. I still have some bruises left, but it’s slowly, slowlyyyy healing.

Oh, my mom bought me a lovely chambray top. I hope tomorrow morning is a bit cold so I can wear it. Also, I dropped by the local bookstore and bought a nice devo book for kids for their Sunday School. I wish I had kids so I can let them read. Well, who knows? I’m keeping this book for them.

In the meantime…


Turned out I slept well because my body was recuperating from my monthly period

I’m holding on to nothing, really.


We all just got to admit that

Also: EPIPHANY!!!!!

Thread, please.


First thing in the morning, ito ang bumungad sa akin:

And to be mentioned along with these AMAZING artists? HOW


This is where the new thing started:



Can you believe this is the ONLY thing I tweeted on a Friday? ON. A. FRIDAY.


One of my clients messaged me this morning and told me my piece for an amazing woodcarving artist was up: