This cuddle weather is life. Woke up at 6. Then woke up again 7. The sky wasn’t blue and it looked like impending rain, which is nice, for someone who loves indoors and rains. But not tomorrow, please. Tomorrow is when we go out and I don’t want to go home in a gutter-deep flood gushing in our poor subdivision. I mean, many years before, Desta was supposed to be the nicest place in town and now, what just happened?

Last night, I’ve been wondering why I was wide awake past twelve and I realized I drank coffee. YES, COFFEE IS BAD IF YOU INTEND TO SLEEP EARLY AT NIGHT. Maybe it’s the reason why I’ve been having bad dreams? Last night’s was a killer. Literally.

Here’s how my week went:


This is how my week started. Stay glued to your seats, folks.



Oh, I forgot about that melody; I should be filling it with words, right?

One of the things I am proud of:


Don’t be surprised; I tell you, this week is all about SLEEP

Reminding myself this ALL THE TIME

Why am I tweeting a lot on a Wednesday?


Told you, there’s something about this week…


This one dream was wild. I mean, someone was chasing after us WITH A SHOTGUN. And a dog. But still, guns.

Alam mo yung medyo naiintindihan mo na kung bakit ang haba ng pinagdaanan mo kasi hindi mo maiiisip ‘to kung hindi mo naisip at naisulat lahat ng ‘yon? I AM TALKING ABOUT THE DEBUT SCENE, PEOPLE.


Annd… some minutes earlier:

See how rainy and sleepy this week has been? Had power naps and ultra naps for days. Hope you find rest, too. x