Thanks to the handy dandy One Year Kids Devotion Book I bought this week, our Sunday School was *somewhat* saved from my spontaneous antics (it was still spontaneous but it had direction). The kids were a r i o t. We actually had a little teenage soft skirmish because of that. PLEASE DON’T BLAME ME.

So here I am, the usually Martha-ish, in-the-front-of-the-battle when it comes to worship, sitting down my ass and folded all my grandiose plans somewhere back to my brain’s attic because God told me so. I don’t know whether the wording was “Shut up” or “Let them handle it” but I am pretty sure I am not to do anything now but to watch and observe. And observing is where I am good at. Well, used to.

Oh, I wore my white shoes today because I wanted to pair it with my new chambray blue shirt my mom bought and the gold skirt. And know what happened? It rained. It rained like mad. There was a downpour once we got to Malolos (thank God we stopped to eat at McDo) and we couldn’t get out for a full hour. It was still raining a bit when we ploughed through the puddle so my brother could buy his ice cream at the nearby grocery. Yep. Such is the life.

I’ve got small victories, though

  • I am currently in my 7th revision of my story. That’s right. 7th. I’ve been writing this for more than a year, and I think I still have a lot to learn. But it has been a beautiful journey. God was shaping me through the pain, and I have learned something sweet and true: patience is a virtue.
  • Did half of my adulting this week, and will be doing the other half the next and hopefully, I still have enough money. I paid all my pending bills, including this website’s domain name, so I don’t have anything else to worry about this year except for my monthlies.
  • My article in Tales By Trees has been published, and so was my June run for The Vacationeur. I would love to still remain in the writing crew, but that’s up to God if He lets me. Also, I’m surprised to know I’ve written 70+ pieces at World Without Horizons and I’ve been added to their special crew! I’m hoping to be of awesome help.

Let’s level down our mountains, shall we? x