Survived what is probably the sleepiest week that has ever existed in my entire history. Maybe this is the first time it came to notice, but I have been sleeping in the afternoons and wide awake at night, contemplating at how I’m going to write the next chapter or, if God allowed, the next book after it. I write like I breathe. That’s what I forgot to say Ate Junjun this lunchtime when she asked me what I do for a living.

Today, former-AUMC-pastor-now-DS-again Rev. Joseph Estadilla was putting on his sleeves when our tricycle arrived at the church. “Sana pala nakisabay na lang kami sa inyo,” I joked, which was very thick-skinned, but he laughed it all. Ate Gladys has gained weight, and the three kids have gained height but the STILL forgot what my name was.


On Sunday Worship, where I wondered how P&W got into the middle part right after the opening hymn (the former Worship coordinator in me was sent to the edge), we were greeted by a very oldie-but-goodie P&W set but in the middle of the performance, the microphones gave away after that loud, cranked-up volume. It must be the mixer, for the other mic did not work as well. I was this close to taking Jona’s mic to exchange batteries if I had not observed a bit more. It’s definitely the whole system. So the team chose to use a working amp and two personal wireless mics for us to use for today.

Thank God for their preparedness. But, more importantly, Jonalyn’s unwavering spirit during P&W. That was a tough call.

Our Sunday School was a jam, specially because Jeuel was there to lighten up the atmosphere with his snarky, smarty-pants comments which was a joy to hear. He was such a complete opposite to his kuya. Jeri has grown so tall and look, she’s having pimples. WHAT IS PUBERTY.

Anyways, I wore frill socks today. And you know what frill socks do? They make you look young. “30 ka na? Mukha kang below 20!” The UMM president told my father. THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING AGE COMMENT I GOT, FOLKS. I’m not trying to be / look young, since I am already 32, but heck, I walk like I’m in Shibuya Crossing everywhere and my outfits are mild compared to others, so please.

The council prepped up a nice lunch and I got to know about the members a bit more. Rosella was a smart and helpful young girl whom my mom plan to help in her schooling this year. Aling Berta, her mom, helped us with the errands and despite her eye problems, has wholeheartedly committed herself to aid the pastors and deaconesses however she can. Ate Virgie was a lovely single mom who now leads the church as the council chairperson; I am quite afraid of her personality type, but I think she’s warm and open and very caring to her members.

I’m so, so glad that my dad wrapped up a meeting so we can all go home together. You see, I left my money absent-mindedly because we woke up late, and all I had was enough for me and my brother’s fare. Lucky; I got a McDo treat. Gulped it all up as my parents made a final rendezvous to another member who was in the hospital.

Something pissed me off tonight and I’ll put it on record: Gossip will NEVER make you feel good. Word came that there are some church members who used to boss around former pastors and, for the meantime, are very cautious with my father, because “he had a car.” Dammit. These were the same members who shout and shame some workers we knew and loved, and my mom ended the night with a warning, “Let’s see them try, as if I’ll let them.”

I was curdling. Mad angry. I’m pretty sure some stories were spoken and made behind our backs, especially with the comment, “After a few months, their (ours) true colors will show.”

Excuse your skeptical self, but THIS is our true colors (isn’t it beautiful?). We ain’t hiding anything. While I was boiling with a slight fit, God, through His word and promises, reminded me this: His blood was spilled for them too.  That was my lifesaver. Instead of being mad, the night ended with gratitude. More than anything else, I am filled with this passion to show those people what TRUE LOVE is, by loving them.

Just you wait till you are loved mightily, folks. Just you wait.