Have you ever laughed while sleeping? I did. I woke up with a light, gassy chest, the kind of feeling after you just had a nice laugh. I didn’t LOL-ed, I hope. But that dream had some happy feeling to it like I just watch a comedy show. Want to know all about it? Read my Twitter thread.

I think I just had my longest Sunday School ever. How? Well, when you’re talking about the 6 days when God created the earth, that’ll definitely take some time, won’t it? Add to that the fact that your class is a group of kids who won’t sit down since they’re all about sticking the pieces onto the board (with glue, since tape is costly) as we tackle each day. But I think we had fun. We all enjoyed the entire session without realizing the worship service has ended.

This isn’t anything astounding and the kids stuck the pieces on it with their shaky hands. It was fun.

Now I wonder whether we can do this again next Sunday.

I already have a plan in mind: The Big List of Sin. Hopefully, I can incorporate the story about the cake with rotten eggs we learned from Evangelism Explosion.

One nice thing today: Jett was finally in action. This morning, we saw Jona in the IT corner looking troubled, so me, being the big-sister-tita that I am, checked up on her and asked what we could do. So my brother took on the IT while she led the worship. Not so bad for a start.

We just need a little opening for God to work through us, right?

The speakers were working, but we were caught up in our study session that we didn’t get to practice any song. I guess that’s going to be more useful next week instead. And now this is totally unnecessary, but I would love to bring my keyboard one Sunday so I could play, at least layer sounds for P&W (it sounded so bare with just guitars) and then probably, sing with the kids during Sunday School. The children here are so mahiyain. But we’re hoping that in the coming days, they learn to sing loud and proud for God.

Things I wish for the coming week:

  • Cake
  • Pizza
  • Lots of money (well, I got to work for it)
  • No flood at the gate during rains (it just did, earlier when we got home)
  • Some good news about something
  • Finish a few chapters in my book
  • Nice sleep
I hope you get to tick all the items on your week’s wishlist. And I hope your list is rad. x