culFirst things first: let them teach you before you teach them. It takes a lot of listening, a long wait of observing to finally get a glimpse of someone else’s heart, especially if it’s a church — a living, growing organism, a collective of souls with struggles and successes over the hundred years. I’m so thankful that God reminded me to pull myself back and just watch SIUMC do their thing and silently wait for the chance where I’ll be of need.

God never left me vacant

As for now, I’m doing great with the kids; it was such on opportunity to realize the mischief-makers were actually the ones who were rich in pure, good things. Brent, for example, the local loudmouth, was actually very honest and sensitive. Ayesha was docile and listens well. Ivo, I think, if that’s his name, is very bright and quiet and follows the activities well. So did Avril. Ian too. Slowly, I get to memorize their names and they’re leaving a wonderful imprint in my life as I hope to leave something in theirs.

Jonalyn sat with us all the time and corrected with my old-person meaning of things (alright, I have to make sure I study my topics well and get a written resource). Rian was the presider and chided me for not hearing her pray. YES, I LOVE MY YOUNG GIRLS. Always been the mumshie.

If there’s one nice thing today, it’s when I finally saw Ate Emily! I MEAN HELLO, ATE EMS ALMOST FEELS LIKE HOME. I don’t know how long we’ve been together at AUMC, probably 6 years, but spending her last days in her ministry in our home church was quite a pleasure. She and her family were such a sunbeam. We haven’t forgotten you, Kuya Ver. Smile to us from heaven.

And finally, finally, finally. Someone shows up for bass. Kevin had to go back and tweak the speakers (one gave up — God, we know it’s time for a change) so I got to interview him about the current P&W. To sum it up, they’re the ones that stayed. I have a good feeling God blesses those who stayed on their ground, withstood the storm and now helps in building the church from ground up again.

But I’m pretty sure wherever you are, as long as you serve God with a pure heart, He’s going to bless you.

Anyways, today’s the day I have been sold, Ate Sheba told me. Not really a fan of the reto culture ESPECIALLY that now, my dad is *the* pastor and as much as possible, we want to have a clean, familial relationship with the church. No personal stuff.


No, don’t roll your eyes. I’m starting to reconnect the plot all over again. After doing this for 7++ times, it could get pretty tiring, but heck, this journey has been a wonderful learning for me as a human being, as a Christian, and as a writer. I am excited to finish this. I am excited for you to meet Lucy, El and Fifth (whose real name is Linus). I hope you love them. x

PS: Is it possible to get double period in a month? I just did. Today. August wanted it early.