Here I am, holding my breath, doing something that will change the course of my life this September. August has not yet ended, but it has been a wild ride; so many emotions, most of them truly beautiful, if not joyful. Today, I just asked permission to leave a project so I can focus on working on my MS, which, by the way, is glorious. Glorious, that is, according to me, because I wrote it, but in the coming days I’ll let a few friends take a peek and disgorge my original views of it.

Meanwhile, this week:


The coming Monday is the last Monday this year that I am going to say this:


Oh my God I wanted to write this in a new song

Woohoo, I drew Elie:


Our country is a perfect setting for YA Fiction


I HAVE STARTED TO DO EDITS!!!! Yes!!!! Multiple exclamation points!!!! I am finally doing this!!!!

Thanks to Narnia’s OST, you see…


Some strange dream, a thread…

Also, Book Twitter took down a scam that involved a book topped the NYT list out of nowhere, the author disclosed a film adaptation of the series in which she’ll star I MEAN, COME ON

Goodbye, nana Belen.


And today, another strange dream:

Life is made of a lot of goodbyes and hellos. Make yours worth it. x