This week has not been without struggles — but then again, struggles are ingredients for victories. True, I did make a lot of mistakes, something I can’t run away from, but I’m proud to say I’ve chosen to woman up and I overcame those mountains that used to intimidate me. Nope; I’m not going to stay int he corner and brood over those mishaps quietly as I rot away. I’m going to wait it out, make amends, and maybe, by God’s grace, I could fix my heart if not the situation.

We got home a little later because Dad’s Sunday ministry extended to Youth Worship every afternoon. It was a hurdle not to see anyone practicing or anyone interested at all, but we had to start somehow, and it started flatly. But we’ll persevere, try different things we haven’t, even volunteering to be part of the band even though I am inwardly screaming at HOW AM I GONNA DO THAT part. I do know, however, that God grows the very little seeds we give. It doesn’t matter whether I got very little.

Writing-wise, I’m nearly there. I just went past Chapter 19 which is the most heartbreaking scene of all, and I’m working my way towards resolution. Pray it all comes out naturally. Work-wise, I’ve got lovely assignments from my current clients and I’m happy to say I’d probably have enough for next month. I am still looking for part-time writing projects, so if you have any, hit me up.

And, by the way, I’m on a lookout for a Filipino copyeditor.

If there was something that blessed me this week, it’s the three-day Evangelism Explosion Clinic held at Alido Heights UMC. It was 1.) My first time to step into AHUMC and 2.) My first time after a long time to practice my gospel sharing skills. I might have shared something about our Thursday prospect, a very wonderful woman who survive the harshest things life has to offer. I was paired with Tatay Rufing of Calumpit Central UMC and Nanay Margie of MC Navia UMC, two people whom I cheered for this Saturday when they took their individual audits — and they passed!

One more thing that made me thankful about this event? It’s realizing my spiritual family is larger than the church I go to every Sunday. I was so surprised I was at ease with people. I mean, I know them. Some of them were workers who were formerly assigned to Atlag UMC and still treats me dearly. And some of them knew me thanks to my parents, who have been amazing lays (and now workers as well) in the ministry.

I had the chance to talk and make up to Ate Cleo, who might have been hurt at the little joke I made on Thursday night. She told stories about her only daughter, still single, and was enjoying her work and ministry to her employees. I also got a lovely, warm hug from Ate Melody, to whom I shared my dream of getting a book published and a lot of high-fives. Somehow, I became acquainted with some of the GoL kids (who walked with Nanay Margie and I on the lengthy Calero road after the first OJT).

Honestly, I am not a fan of church politics, but I can certainly say Methodists are my family.

Tonight, tired and beat, with my family finally resting after spending a hot day catching sleep inside the pastor’s office because the entire parsonage was sizzling hot, I thank God for the privilege to be here, live this life, and gain encounters with amazing people in the Methodist family. It’s not an easy road, but my parents just showed us how to endure. And hopefully, when it’s our time, may we do satisfyingly well too.

Closing this richly memorable week in exchange of another.

Stay gold. Take heart. Good things will happen. x